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Dear Members and Friends! Dear Visitors!

Welcome to the website of the Hungarian National Bailliage of the Chaine des Rôtisseurs!

The International Gastronomic Society was founded in France in 1248 terminated during the French Revolution, and reformed and registered in 1950 in Paris. The Hungarian Association has been founded twenty-six years ago, on the 2nd of January, 1990 joining amateurs and professionals who are devoted to promoting fine dining. Members celebrate the pleasures of the table, the highest levels of national and international gastronomy based on traditions while being open to innovative ideas and methods.

The Board headed by the Bailli Délégué plan the individual activities, organize diner amical using the practices of the old French royal guild of goose roasters, preserving the old and famous Hungarian gastronomic traditions at the same time.

Our main target is that amateurs share fine dining experience with fellow members, enjoy exceptional food and become connoisseurs of wines and selected spirits while the professional take the challenge and show their skills of the culinary and service staffs when demonstrating their expertise and creativity at events they host.

Through examples we have the key to make the famous Hungarian hospitality and Hungarian culinary arts known in more and more extensive range and attract the attention of gourmets and foreign Chaine friends visiting us.

With all these the opportunity is ours to maintain friendships, to establish new ones and enjoy each other's company to the utmost in the friendliest atmosphere and ambiance.

One of our priorities is to support the future generation of the catering industry, meaning the chefs under the age of 27 and the sommeliers under the age of 31, and to help their international appearance and competence. The most important project in this field is to organize local competitions and giving chance to the winner to represent Hungary on international stage. The winners of these rounds got to represent Hungary in the world championship. Their entry-fee are paid by our Society.


- On April 10, 2019: National Young Chefs Competition has been organized (24th in line) at METRO Gastro Academy for young talents under the age of 27.

- On April 13, 2019: Award Ceremony took place at a gala dinner in Continental Hotel Budapest

The results are:

  1. Bence DALNOKI, Stand restaurant
  2. István AKÁCS, Gerbeaud Gasztronómia
  3. Richard CSILLAG, Kistücsök restaurant

Friderika SPEKOVA received special award for most organized kitchen work.

The winner participates at the 2019 International Young Chefs Competition on September 21-22 in Calgary, Canada.

Áron Barka, Maitre Rotisseur (Continental Hotel Budapest) has been invited to be the member of the 12-member international jury and to represent Hungary in Calgary. 

Our Bailliage is more than grateful to its sponsors and supporters, they are:

     - METRO Gastro Academy
     - Lázár Chef
     - Progast
     - Extrametal
     - Wüsthof
     - Victorinox
     - B Euro Car
     - La Fiesta Party Service
     - Budapest University of Economics,
     - Vorwerk

Special thanks also to:

Lázár Chef for preparatory works and coordinating supporters

Krisztián RÁCZ, Maitre Rotisseur for providing chef coat with Chaine logo for the competitors and aprons with Chaine logo for the serving staff.

Special thanks to the jury members:

Technical Director: Árpád GYŐRFFY, Maitre Rotisseur and his deputy Alexandra PERESZLÉNYI, Rotisseur

Kitchen jury:  

     - Áron BARKA, Maitre Rotisseur
     - Rachel RAJ, Maitre Rotisseur
     - Tiago SABARIGO

Tasting jury:

     - Csaba ÁDÁM, Maitre Rotisseur
     - Attila BICSÁR
     - Zoltán HAMVAS
     - Sándor NYÍRI, Maitre Rotisseur
     - István PESTI, Maitre Rotisseur
     - Ádám POHNER
     - Krisztián RÁCZ, Maitre Rotisseur
     - Szabina SZULLÓ
     - Ágnes TÓTH, Maitre Rotisseur


30th Anniversary Grand Chapitre, September 12-15, 2019

On approval by the Assembly General Meeting of the Chaine des Rôtisseurs Association Mondial de la Gastronomie in Paris we organize the 17th Grand Chapitre between September 12-15, 2019.

Our Bailliage celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019, so it is going to be a jubilee event. Preparatory works have already started.

Vive la Chaine!

Ivan Peter Novák

Bailli Délégué
Membre du Conseil Magistral